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How did Uyumsoft achieve 163% organic traffic and 819% SEO visibility growth in the first year?



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Uyumsoft SEO Process


Uyumsoft’s flagship was ERP, CRM and e-transformation applications. In most of these words, Uyumsoft was far behind its competitors and was not even ranked in the top 100 search results.

  • Our primary goal was to create the necessary on-site and off-site link fiction by producing content for sectoral words and to take place in the rankings.
  • Then, by following sectoral search trends, we aimed to create an advantage for ourselves in this field compared to competitors and to gain a permanent place in this ever-growing sector.
  • Reaching the first page for flagship keywords like ERP and CRM


When we started working with Uyumsoft, SEO visibility in general was quite low compared to competitors. In order to compete with competitors in the sector on the organic side, it was necessary to reach the levels of competitors.

In this direction, we focused on identifying the keywords that competitors drive traffic to and the search trends in this sector, where there are constantly growing ERP and e-transformation applications, and the words with a high search volume.

  • By monitoring the momentum of words whose search volume is newly emerging, we have planned efforts to produce content much faster than competitors.
  • We started to respond to users with the right answers to the question patterns that users use in their searches in the sector.
  • In 2015, the average monthly search volume of the word ERP was around 20,000. Within 1 year, we registered the level of competition in the sector by reaching 60,000 and then 90,000.
  • While we were not even ranked in ERP and e-transformation applications, we managed to rank high with the on-site and off-site link building, content for competitive words, and user experience improvements we implemented.
  • After each algorithm update in the process, we have achieved a much faster momentum. This has always motivated us to do what we do and to follow the right path.


  • As a result of the work carried out with Uyumsoft, one of the best companies in Turkey in ERP, CRM and e-transformation (e-invoice, e-ledger, e-archive) applications in line with the dynamics of the sector, we realized a 163% organic traffic increase at the end of one year.
  • In the case of SEO visibility, we achieved an acceleration of 819%.
  • Apart from organic works, we have managed to make a Adınız for ourselves in the sector by being supported with various advertising works planned by Uyumsoft.
    Organic works apart from organic works, we have managed to make a Adınız for ourselves in the sector by being supported with various advertising works planned by Uyumsoft.



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Organic Traffic Growth

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