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TürkMedya entrusted 13 projects under the roof of TürkMedya to Webtures thanks to the success achieved as a result of the SEO work with Akşam Newspaper.



Services We Provide

TürkMedya SEO Process


On-Site SEO Analysis
We have analyzed approximately 90 SEO criteria for AKŞAM, GÜNEŞ and Star newspapers and we have seen that there are many areas that need to be corrected on the site. Stating that these errors are of critical importance, we carried out the elimination of the site’s errors simultaneously with the TürkMedya software team.

Competitors’ SEO Qualities and StrategiesSince the digital publishing sector will be one of the sectors with the biggest competition, we knew that the competitors would not be idle and we analyzed them to the finest detail. We always started 1 step ahead by determining what kind of SEO work will be carried out in the coming periods.

Keyword IdentificationWe analyzed the sites in the sector and the AKŞAM, GÜNEŞ and STAR websites in detail and by doing a long research on which words we can get more efficiency, we determined 90 words with a common decision and determined what kind of search volumes and return rates would be and approved our keywords.

Keyword Compatible Page Detection In our keyword analysis, we have performed a detailed analysis such as where the keywords we have determined in our keyword analysis are located on the site, whether there are pages related to these words, how much the density of keywords is on the site, and we have ensured that the keywords are SEO compatible and relevant pages are created.



Organic Traffic

  • Akşam Newspaper 124
  • Güneş Newspaper 59
  • Star Newspaper 86%

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