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Küçükdeveci İnşaat

Küçükdeveci İnşaat

Küçükdeveci has achieved a total organic traffic increase of 715% in the last 1 year as a result of its SEO work with Webtures.

Küçükdeveci İnşaat


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Küçükdeveci İnşaat SEO Process


While Küçükdeveci brand awareness, SEO visibility and organic traffic were almost non-existent, it was necessary to ensure the transition of a new infrastructure from the existing structure that could respond to what the target audience wanted to be SEO compatible without any loss.

  • A list of keywords (long tail) needed to be identified as soon as possible to increase SEO visibility and organic traffic.
  • Personas were created.
  • The pages that are currently indexed have been identified.


First of all, competitors were analyzed for SEO visibility and brand awareness. The words that competitors are working on, the SERP results in the keywords list we have prepared for Küçükdeveci’s product portfolio and our Users Search Intent results should have been examined and the pages in the new infrastructure should have been prepared accordingly.

  • We provided a lossless transition from the old infrastructure to the E-commerce structure.
  • Schema & Markup (Product+FAQPage) technologies were used in the new infrastructure.
  • Improved overall SEO health on a regular basis.
  • Revisions were made to increase clickability in SERP for pages that do not rank first in search results.
  • Product pages were examined with a focus on UX and optimized with A/B tests.


  • 715% organic traffic increase.

  • Organic word visibility increased from 1700s to 7500s.




Organic Traffic Growth


Organic Word Visibility

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