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How did Kiğılı, which completely changed its design, software and domain, surpass its best-selling store in terms of turnover in a short period of 3 months with Webtures?



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Kiğılı SEO Process


  • At the beginning of the project, there were 2 different sites under the roof of Kiğılı, e-kigili.com and kigili.com. The main KPIs we have determined in order not to divide the existing traffic and to increase the traffic of e-kigili.com;

    • Moving e-kigili.com under kigili.com with minimal traffic loss.
    • Ensuring that the e-commerce site can sell at the level of a physical store.
    • Reaching the first rank in generic words such as suit, suit, tuxedo.


  • In order for the design, software and domain changes to be made on the site not to cause permanent ranking losses, the work had to be carried out meticulously.

    • e-kigili.com moved to kigili.com without any traffic loss.
    • On-site SEO competence has been improved.
    • Competitor analysis and competitors’ content strategies were identified.


  • Considering the competition in the sector, we have implemented a work planning for this purpose by constantly following the innovations in both competitors and search engines in order to remain a leader in this race, given the aggressive work of competitors, the high competition of keywords and the high competition of keywords.

    • In the first 3 months, the first page was reached in all targeted words.
    • At the end of the 3rd month, the turnover of the physical store with the highest sales was surpassed by the e-commerce site.
    • 101% increase in organic traffic in 1 year



On the First Page


Organic Traffic Growth

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