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Since 2015, what have we achieved in the Forex sector with Forex.com.tr, Integralforex.com.tr, Integralmenkul.com.tr, Integralyatirim.com.tr and Integralviop.com.tr? Since 2014, Forex.com.tr has been sharing information for anyone interested in the forex market to familiarize themselves with the market, gain experience and be informed about economic developments. So how is the digital side managed? Which sites are being worked on? What has been achieved?

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We have been working with Webtures family for many years. I say family because not one person but the whole team works with our projects willingly and willingly. We need to be able to quickly deliver to our customers instant processes that can affect the parities in the sector very quickly, such as technical analyzes, breaking news, economic statements in instant Forex markets. At this point, we can ignore SEO criteria. But Webtures; By transferring SEO experience to us in the best way, we have achieved very successful results in the goals we set in the Forex sector.

Halil Ürkmez

Software Engineer

İntegral Forex SEO Process


  • Since 2014, forex.com.tr has been sharing information for anyone interested in the forex market to familiarize themselves with the market, gain experience and be informed about economic developments.

    • Identifying and adapting to Google’s past algorithm impacts and planning preparations to adapt to potential algorithmic improvements.
    • Our priority is to increase brand search volume through SEO non-brand traffic and subsequent user experience due to the importance of the industry-specific effects of the Featured Snippets algorithm.
    • To grow medium-term commercial capacity with keywords with high conversion rates by reaching the first page in sectoral words.


  • We start to rank zero in the long tail searches such as what is, what does it mean, how to do it, etc. for approximately 300 identified long tail searches, and users are provided with information directly related to the relevant searches.
  • Although the sector is challenging and highly competitive, it is known that the best success will be achieved in the long term, but strategies are determined for all words that can reach the first page in the short term.
  • In the first quarter of 2017, there are 3 of our sites as forex.com.tr, integralforex.com.tr and integralmenkul.com.tr in the first 5 ranks of the first page in the main word such as Forex.
  • In 2017, integralforex.com.tr was redirected to integralyatirim.com.tr and continues its broadcasting life.


  • The work started with integralforex.com.tr and succeeded in rising to the first page in the target words in a short time. With this success, another project of the company, forex.com.tr, is included in the system.

    • Forex.com.tr ranks 1st in the word Forex after starting to work in June.
    • Integralmenkul.com.tr, which was included over time, also achieved an increase of more than 100% in click and impression rates.
    • In 2017, after the redirection of integralmenkul.com.tr to integralyatirim.com.tr, with the right strategy, its traffic sees +5000 more added value within 1 month.
    • The number of impressions of integralyatirim.com.tr reaches from 15,000 to 94,000.



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