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As a result of our SEO efforts, organic traffic increased from 12,858 on December 20, 2016 to 41,385 as of November 30, 2017, with a total traffic increase of approximately 222%.

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İnci Akü SEO Process


  • The primary goal of İnci Akü, the leading brand in the battery industry, was to generate traffic, especially for battery and derivative words. However, while implementing this, instead of focusing on generic words that would not turn into sales, it was necessary to bring relevant products to users through long tail words with commercial returns.

    • Since there are no sales on the website, users should be directed to the nearest dealers and services.
    • Each brand/model should be offered a battery suitable for their search.
    • Efforts to get organic traffic with evergreen content related to battery.


  • In line with the determined targets, sector and competitor researches were carried out and the works needed by the site were determined. With the entry of in-site SEO errors, the overall SEO performance of the site was increased. In this direction;

    • Target keywords were identified to increase traffic.
    • By identifying the words that competitors get the most traffic, a general optimization work was carried out within the site for these words.
    • Long tail Konu Başlığıs for evergreen content have been identified.
    • Ensured the creation of pages for long tail words and optimization in accordance with current search engine algorithms.
    • Suggestions were made for the development of certain areas in order to increase interaction within the site by examining user behavior.
    • Regular harmful link checks and blocking of these links were carried out.
    • Special landing pages were created for each vehicle brand / model for the battery models on the site.


In addition to the target words, we supported the target words by creating pages for the long tail words we determined as well as the target words and we managed to increase organic traffic. As a result of our SEO efforts, we achieved an increase of approximately 222% in organic traffic between 2016-2017.
Inci Akü is visible in a total of 950 words on Google. 188 of these words are on the first page. SEO efforts have enabled us to significantly increase not only the visibility in desktop results but also mobile visibility compared to competitors.




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