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In the last year of Google ADS studies. Traffic: 56%, Impression: 22%, Conversion cost: -27% and Conversion rates increased by 287%.



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HaydiMaldivlere Google ADS Process


In our “Haydi Maldivlere” collaboration, we fully realized the importance and effectiveness of digital marketing strategies in the tourism sector. By analyzing our client’s target audience and business goals, we started the process of creating a special marketing strategy that would play an important role in achieving these goals.



The Google Ads and social media advertising strategy we developed was based on a detailed target audience analysis and compelling ad copy that would engage and mobilize consumers. We also used customized targeting and retargeting techniques to increase the impact of ad campaigns.



The implementation of our strategy has yielded remarkable results for “Haydi Maldivlere”. Firstly, website traffic increased by 56%, indicating a significant increase in the brand’s online visibility. Impressions increased by 22%, indicating that potential customers were more exposed to the ads and brand awareness increased. The click-through rate also increased by 28%, proving that the ad copy and images we created were effective.

The 248% increase in conversions shows that customer interactions are not only a qualitative but also a quantitative success. The 27% decrease in conversion cost, i.e. more conversions for less cost, is a testament to the cost-effectiveness of our campaign. Finally, a 287% increase in conversion rates shows that consumers were encouraged to shop and were successfully guided along the way.

Screening22% Increase 
Click-through Rate28% Increase
Transformations248% Increase

All this data clearly shows how our digital marketing services are an effective solution for “Haydi Maldivlere” and how we can add value to your business as well.

Data; (Evaluation of the last one year.)




Increase in Conversion Rate


Conversion Cost Reduction


Organic Traffic Growth

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